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216 seems to be just the right number of them

Such simple geometric salience comes no sweeter than six cubed. The Zen set is the perfect balance between portability and potential, between manageability and latent intricacy. Each powerful Neodymium magnet is easily strong enough to support the weight of all of its 215 counterparts several times over. The Zen Set will always fit in your pocket, but is always ready to be taken out to play. Your pet rock’s gonna be so jealous! Idea for restless hands that like to fidget while watching the TV, think knitting with magnets and you get the idea.

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The Zen Gift Set!

The Zen Gift Set includes everything the Original Zen Set does but with a few special extras.

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The Mandala - Entropy beckons!

What is Mandala? Mandala is our boxed set of 1,728 super-strong rare-earth Zen magnets (equal to eight Zen sets) presented in a luxurious Sapele wood case – the ultimate in executive toys. Each hand-made Sapele wood box is as unique as the attractive Sapele wood grain and a pleasure to behold. The case interior is lined with thick maroon velvet and a molded cushion insert that is removable to accommodate additional magnets or other valuables. Included are a vibrant micro-fiber cloth and two 0.5mm PVC card tools designed by Phil Lewis.

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